Most frequent questions and answers

Our Cadre group meets 4 times per year (quarterly) for typically day long gatherings which includes ‘spot-light’ sessions so each member receives the opportunity to gain peer feedback.

Cadre meetings are held at different unique locations in/around San Diego, California. We believe in creating different experiences in interesting environments for our members, so they can broaden their exposure to our amazing city.

Members are afforded the opportunity to ‘make up’ the event at a future gathering. *If a member misses 2 consecutive meetings, their membership will be reviewed.

Yes. Each member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement so we are able to openly share professional/personal details among each other.

Cadre members not only exchange contact information but we have the option to participate in a private members only portal called WorkPlace. Members are able to upload content, connect, ask advice, video chat etc.

Meetings typically are day long events starting in the morning and extend until the late afternoon. For example: we may meet at a top winery in the morning and do yoga in the vines, followed by an exclusive luncheon with the winery owner. Then, conduct our mastermind portion of the day with members and special guests followed by a wine tasting/blending experience with the wine-maker.

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